What are the latest marketing trends?

I ask myself this question with excitement and with hope of finding something special at the beginning of each year. The basic question that a marketing specialist needs to ask himself is: has anything changed in the behaviour of recipients of advertising contents? How to reach them efficiently, where and how should adverts be displayed to be successful? We are more and more reliant on apps, mobile devices, fixed computer settings and certain rules of navigating the web.

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Does anyone remember a day without their mobile phone? If so, I suspect it was very stressful for many reasons. We are unable to cope without mobile devices in our daily lives and that is a fact. I think we have just created a new human species. Apart from making calls, sending and receiving messages, organising our day with the alarm clock, reminders and calendar, we also use e-mail and Internet browsers. Importantly, we use mobile apps to store our personal details.

• Mobile apps •

We have apps for everything. More and more companies decide to create their own app, which is a good decision. Several thousand apps are developed in a month and each one of them has a specific purpose – officially it is to make our life easier, the app is free and easy to remove when we get bored with it. Just the fact of the app being installed is already a success of the company that launched it – we start using the services offered and also leave our personal details and an individual trail of our actions online. This means that the company which has provided the app knows what else we might like.

• Big Data •

We are entered into a network and databases kept by developers who process our personal data. The “Big Data” trend in marketing has been apparent for several years, but, first of all, the number of developers is growing, and second of all data processing software is getting even better. Such software is used not only by large corporations, but also by small and medium companies to offer us the “right” product. The Internet that displays individually adjusted contents is already a reality and it will keep improving. Already contents are displayed differently in different regions and countries.

• Native adverts •

The task of native advertising is to reach advert recipients in the most natural way. It should take into account their habits, be more friendly and at the same time less “irritating” to people sensitive to pushy advertising. It should be tailor-made to our needs and limits of acceptance. The latter are often modified by influencers.

• Influencers •

These are the ones that have an influence. On what? On what we buy, what is fashionable and what we should have. These are people who create trends and demand. There are more and more of them online – fitness trainers, healthy lifestyle supporters, mystery seekers, innovators and those providing entertainment. An influencer gets paid to tell his/her followers what is trendy – it may also be your brand.
There is a clear trend of exploring new technologies, gathering data and using them for marketing in a way that is as friendly and at the same as time efficient as possible. The use of the latest marketing trends allows for effective brand or product management and provides the optimum results of advertising activities. That is what I want for ourselves and our customers.


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