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Each of us has played a marketing role for once. When we were telling friends about a new restaurant – it’s possible that we helped her find new customers and that means to earn more. When we talk about the new movie, the song, the new phone model or anything else, we are unwittingly promoting a given product or brand. According to statistics, 82% of consumers trust their friends’ opinions.

Being buzz marketing specialists, we do everything possible to use this fact to increase the popularity of the brand and the earnings of our clients.

Buzz marketing / WOMM (word of mouth marketing) are marketing activities aimed at reaching information to the recipient through everyday means of communication. Such a channel may be the publication of content on selected websites, channels, forums, and social networks.

The main purpose of whisper marketing is direct access to information about the brand, services or products to a selected group of clients. In these activities, a properly prepared strategy plays a very important role in which information about:

• target group
• channels of reaching
• communication style with recipients
• frequency and schedule of activities

Depending on what is the topic of the discussions we are in, we are able to direct the style and places of publication of posts in terms of:
• increase the activity and enter the page
• generating leads eg from the landing page
• to generate noise around a given topic
• increase in the number of clients, eg in the case of eating places

Our activities are conducted on the Internet, and thanks to the extensive IT infrastructure, we are able to provide access to such places as:
• price comparison websites, for example Ceneo – a comparison site, e.g. TripAdvaisor
• forums and thematic blogs
• general-concept forums
• local and nationwide services
• social media (eg Facebook, YouTube)

All conducted activities are presented using a report that includes published content, username, date of publication and a direct link to the place of publication.


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