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What makes video games so popular? Simply put, video games let you escape your everyday life woes, but what makes them different from other forms of entertainment is that they’re immersive. You get to live through an avatar, gain the rewards and rack up out of this world achievements.

As playable advertisements, advergames promote a brand, raise awareness and spread its message. From a marketing point of view, they’re a powerful tool to attract, engage and keep your customers.
Advergaming is a developing an actual game for the purpose of marketing.

Advergames use the interactive and social components of games to the advantage of a brand. Here are some of the main benefits they offer to brands:

Raise brand awareness: A custom advergame can tell a story about your company in an unobtrusive yet engaging way.

Positive brand interaction: When done right, advergaming continuously and effectively exposes the brand to the player, creates a positive experience associated with the brand.

Followers: Advergames can help build true fans who are potential leads and can convert to loyal customers.

Great reach through games: You think video games are just for boys? Think again. Today, the average gamer’s age is 30, and 45% of them are female. The gaming industry is raking in over $100 billion per year, and roughly 20% of the market share falls to mobile and social games. The wide-reaching marketplace offers you great potential to reach your target audience.

Creating your own game does not always involve huge costs. Not every business need big complicated game.

Contact us and our specialists will help you create a game that will promote your business and bring you income, while being consistent with your budget.


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Program Flotowy Hankook

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