The Internet Age of Justice

The Internet Age of Justice. Will social media disappear?This question is not incidental, as it is being asked on the eve of Mark Zuckerberg’s being summoned to appear before the US Senate Committee with regard to abuse and a lack of protection of our personal data by the biggest social network site. The job

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What are the latest marketing trends?

What are the latest marketing trends? I ask myself this question with excitement and with hope of finding something special at the beginning of each year. The basic question that a marketing specialist needs to ask himself is: has anything changed in the behaviour of recipients of advertising contents? How to reach them efficiently,

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Has everything already been done?

Has everything already been done? Do you sometimes feel that everything around us just repeats itself, everything we know, have already seen and experienced? Cars from different brands are so similar that you need to have an experienced eye to differentiate between models. Films are based on scenarios that were successful in the

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Gentle Barbarians

Gentle Barbarians I am very envious of the new generation’s confidence. They are convinced that one should not rush to any decisions and instead discover what they really want. The result should be an interesting, exciting job, happy family life, free time and fulfilled dreams. Where does this seemingly surreal, unreasonable attitude to life

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A trap

A trap What goals have you set for yourself in your life, do you remember? What was the last time you thought about it? At the age of eighteen I started my first corporate job. I got promoted quite quickly and for the first time I set out a long-term goal for

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Social Mundial

Social Mundial According to the genius, now former, football player Zinédine Zidane, “there is only 90 minutes between heaven and hell”. Mark Zuckerberg’s hearing at the US Senate Committee took much longer than that and could not be considered successful for the owner of the world’s largest social network site. “Zuckie”, perfectly

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Social Media AD 2018

Social Media AD 2018 Facebook is becoming once again the vision of its founder: with the beginning of this year it is expected to return to stronger interpersonal relationships, friends' posts are to be displayed first. Marc Zuckerberg admitted the mistakes: to chase the advertiser, the lack of reaction to "hate", imperfect

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