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Distribution of digital advertising formats in games and applications

  • Bouncy Bird Pro

    Jump like a bird and avoid the wooden obstacles.

  • Icy Jump

    Take on the role of a penguin and see if you’re a match for the iceberg.

  • Cloud Rider

    Soar as far as you can through the sky!

  • Freddy

    Help the frog get out of the laboratory.

  • Goblin Racer

    In this game you'll be able to journey with Goblin and defeat opponents on the track!

  • Dark Tower

    As a knight, explore the corridors of a dark and gloomy Tower.

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Coordinated campaign operations in the hands of our specialists


ul. Armii Ludowej 6/164
00-571 Warszawa, POLAND
Tel: +48 22 390 52 72

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Become a superhero and use your special powers

– in the name of good, in the name of evil, or however you want.

Become fearless and obtain more supernatural powers; who knows when you may need them!

Thanks to one of your superpowers, the long jump, you can avoid obstacles and traps, and that may let you win the game. See what you’re capable of!

Tapping also has to be learned! Test your abilities in this amazingly absorbing, emotional and hellishly difficult game.

Try to avoid the trees and try to keep the birdie in the air. To do this, however, you must avoid the obstacles that may endanger your life.

In order to achieve your goal, you have to press the screen in the right way so as to adjust or keep up the right elevation of your flight. Find out if your technique is able to win the gold, or even platinum, in this competition. With your results you’ll also be able to compete with friends, comparing your results.

Check out how you do at tapping on our new, fresh graphics board and characters!

Cross the Arctic with an intrepid penguin and try to take on the iceberg, at the same time collecting fish for him.

Although the game may seem easy, the ocean depths appear to be equally intrepid as our hero. Find out if you’re able to defeat it! In order to help the penguin through his endless adventures, you have to jump from one iceberg to another.

A game based on the steampunk style, in which you are given control of an air-ship.

Thanks to Unity 3D technology and amazing visualization, the game will captivate you not only with its story line, but also the finesse of its solid fantasy.

In the game you’ll pilot amazing vehicles, and thanks to micro-payments or special coins obtained in the game, you can perfect your vehicle through investment in various improvements. This will allow you to not only improve the ship’s navigability, but also the appearance of steampunk ships.

You can also interfere in the story line, choosing from various endings. And if you want to choose an alternative ending, you can go back in time and create a new history. Care for detail, an innovative and unconventional approach to graphics, absorbing play and a complex marketing strategy are the main advantages of this game. Additionally, only with us can you check out the new, fresh graphics of board and characters!

Meet Freddy – a partly-mechanical frog, created by a mad scientist.

The purpose of this agility-adventure game is to escape from a scientist’s laboratory and to protect and help the frog on its journey.

When you enable the frog to escape from the scientist’s laboratory, you’ll experience many unusual adventures, which will appear before you on the next boards of the game: inside of a well, the tropics, the sky or outer space.

The game is distinguished by its totally new gameplay, through which the player, by drawing lines, directs falling balls into the right pipes or bottles.

The balls directed in this way can be used to collect special objects, such as flying bottle-caps. However, you need to make sure that our frog doesn’t eat the falling balls, as then it might lose its life.

Set off with Goblin on a difficult but fun race!

In this game, however, you don’t simply focus on overtaking your rivals, you also have to try to eliminate other vehicles and to push trucks off the road.

You will also have the task of collecting petrol so that you can get as far down the track as possible! Additionally, you’ll be able to modify your results by clicking left or right. The game is dynamic, full of emotion, and thanks to the high-quality graphics and atmospheric background music, it guarantees an advanced and realistic mechanism of vehicle crashes.

Dark Tower, a gloomy game in a mysterious atmosphere with elements of RPG and strategy, in which you live adventure as a knight wandering among the corridors of the various floors of the Dark Tower.

The game, in which you have three levels of difficulty to choose from, involves finding keys that allow you to open the next door, while these keys are guarded by monsters and creatures that must be defeated. The keys open access to chambers full of valuable treasures, but also enemies protecting them. Apart from silver, green and blue, there are also gold keys which are master keys, opening every lock. So in order to open the right door, you must have a key in the matching colour, and their number is limited. Therefore, you have to make a quick decision on whether you want to use the key and get to the staircase leading to the next floor as soon as possible, or to stay longer on the lower level.

Tough fights with rivals may weaken you, but with the use of appropriate elements in the game, like flasks with potions, you’ll soon increase your vital strength.

Each of these flasks influences other statistics of the hero: life points, level of defence or attack – thanks to which we can increase our power and take on the most difficult enemies. Our main goal is to get to the top and defeat the former queen – a vampire.

Let yourself be taken away by this game with a delicate hint of mystery and a bit of strategic flair; its new, fresh graphics of board and characters!

Run in the Vege Marathon! Run across a beach, a park and other amazing routes, overcoming your weaknesses and reaching longer and longer distances.

During the game, you definitely have to remember to avoid sweets and fast food, which will often appear along your route, and which may make you collapse from exhaustion. You must remain very careful, as the route is full of obstacles and temptations which should be avoided.

Your energy is enhance by fruits and vegetables; therefore, you must try and collect them all.

However, they like to lie near the sweets – will you manage to pick up one while avoiding the other? In the game you can also locate products and supplement the game with extra micro-payments.

How to fill in your free time with creative fun? We invite you to take advantage of our application, which teaches and familiarises you with the latest technologies. Not much is needed for you to see your favourite character come to life. And that’s thanks to you!

Choose your character, colour it in and see what may happen. You will have a few templates with characters to choose from. After making your selection, you can start colouring, and then scan the ready drawing.

How does it work? Amazingly simply and impressively! After scanning the character comes alive on the screen in your chosen environment (ex. an aquarium). The character that you created with your own hands not only appears on the screen, but will also move and take on particular traits.

Your hero eagerly enters into interaction with other characters or with the environment! And you can print out the colour cartoon that you created.

Additionally, in the case of organising company events – the possibility of having the logo of the event organiser appear and become part of the multimedia animation.

Professionalism, many years of experience, original ideas and creative designs

– in referring to our agency, these are not just empty words or typical advertising slogans, but the most accurate phrases to describe us, our work and our achievements.

Our Agency has been operating since 2010, impressing its clients with an unconventional approach to projects and their exceptional realization.

A group of experienced experts and specialists in the field of marketing and PR as well as all other areas in which we provide services – now we can be at your disposal.

Each of us positively fired up, with a million ideas a minute and a pretty decent processor to take them on.

In the framework of our services, first and foremost you’ll find all activities within the broad range of interactive marketing.

We offer all marketing and PR work and we cooperate with a media agency. Apart from interactive marketing itself, we also conduct image-building campaigns, social campaigns and CSR.

All with many years of experience, an unconventional and effective approach, as well as execution that will be well remembered.

Social media is the next area that we specialize in.

Social media sites have no secrets from us; we know exactly how to operate so that your product, brand or service is valued by customers and so that a particular community develops around it and identifies with it!

Events, contests or lotteries – each of these may be planned and professionally executed by us. All in the framework of the latest trends and an up-to-date approach to the matter. Film production is for us a form of creative presentation of our unusual ideas.

Only a few people are able to present our unconventional marketing concepts in an advertisement, video or film – and those people are working for us!

Graphic creation and DTP as well as visual identification are the next element at which we are above average – if you have any doubt as to the truth of our words, we invite you to look over our portfolio.

Described above are the promotional-marketing services that we have most often conducted for our clients.

Over the years of our work, we have executed hundreds of ready projects, and each of them met with full client satisfaction. This is made clear by subsequent contracts for our services and recommendations of our work to business partners.

Up until now many clients have trusted us, eagerly accepting the results of our creative work, and with satisfaction looking over reports of marketing effects. Our Clients have included: Totalizator Sportowy, Ferrero, Bioton, GPharma, CHT Marywilska 44, Cubus, Victoria Dom, J.W. Construction, Eco Taxi, Nutricia, Biletomat, and many others.

If marketing for you means original ideas, executed according to precisely prepared strategy and having concrete impact

- our offer is intended just for you.

We invite you to contact us and welcome you among our Clients.

Interactive marketing is a particular form of advertising which is intended to directly influence the Customer, making use of all the senses and stimulation possible. All operations in the framework of such a marketing strategy must be perfectly planned out.

Thanks to cooperation with our Agency, we will draw out for you the new possibilities that are offered by interactive marketing.

Solutions that will allow you to reach Customers in an unconventional and innovative way, thanks to which the Customer himself will search out contact with your brand.

Our specialists will prepare a full marketing strategy, taking into consideration your goals, possibilities and sector characteristics.

We advise on how to conduct a campaign in order to achieve the highest effectiveness. At the same time, we conduct an analysis of your competition and propose solutions that will allow you to leave them far behind. We invite you to contact us.

Image-building and social campaigns have never been so effective.

Entrusting us with your campaign, we will define the appropriate target, reach a wide group of people, maximise the marketing effect and open before you opportunities that you have never had before.

Thanks to our specialists, you will move to a new, higher level of image-enhancement campaign. What yesterday was out of reach for you, tomorrow will be the standard. To begin cooperation, just contact our Agency.

Together we’ll determine the goal and expectations related to the campaign. Next we will propose concrete solutions for the realisation of those goals, and once these are accepted, we’ll set to work, all in the framework of the strategy determined earlier.

You will receive from us detailed reports of our work and the measurable impact of the campaign. Thanks to our years of experience and the specialised team of experts, you can be assured that your CSR campaign will be conducted according to the highest standards and newest trends – and all that with a guarantee of effectiveness.

Currently, in an era of audio-visual advertisements attacking us from every direction, in order to reach a customer it is not enough to prepare a typical advert or image-building film. Film production must have something special that means that like a virus it’ll be passed on from person to person, filled in with positive impressions, emotions and a verbal message.

Our team knows very well the best manner in which to create an original video production, with unconventional creations, word play, imaginative selection of actors as well as positive message reception.

Entrust your film production to professionals. In the framework of flexible cooperation, we’ll prepare a scenario tailored specially for you.

We propose interesting solutions, according to the latest trends and we go beyond usual visual standards.

With us you’ll be able to attain an effect that no other agency will offer you. We invite you to contact us and get to know what we offer.

Preparing company/advertising events, it is above all vital that it brings the desired effect.

It is worth leaving event organisation to professionals, who with their years of experience and professional team of specialists are able to offer you a service at the highest level. International standards, the latest event solutions and a team of animators – all of that will contribute to your success.

Allow us to surprise you with our original and unconventional ideas.

Entrusting the organisation of your event to us, you have a guarantee of service of the highest quality.

Make it so that event participants cannot stop talking about it for a long time and never forget about it. Thanks to our work together, all the positive emotions and impressions will remain in the memory of all the participants, and your brand will enhance its image.

We warmly invite you to contact our team.

Proper conduct of a contest or lottery means not only organisation of the event itself, but above all the planning of all activities and goals as well as working out tools and solutions for their execution.

We begin with a concept and definition of our goal. Then we prepare the necessary tools, and a team of lawyers works out regulations, taking into account all legal aspects. Next we can move on to implementing activities and organisation of the event.

From experience we know that preparation of a contest or lottery is equally important as its conduct itself.

Thanks to us, the whole event will run smoothly. We have solutions prepared for various scenarios. Many years of experience have a direct impact on the quality of the services we provide. We approach each Client individually, proposing flexible terms of cooperation – closely adjusted to a concrete situation. You are welcome to contact us.

Many people do not realise how important the appropriate graphics are in shaping brand image.

It is the created advertisement that stands on the front line between a potential customer and the company and its brand.

What the customer first perceives in a given brand is that creation, the logo and all graphics related to the company. Therefore, it is worth taking care so that the company’s visual identification is at the highest level and makes a good impression on the customer.

The first associations and first emotions are highly important in building a company’s image.

It is those first seconds that decide what emotions are aroused in the potential customer, and often also if we are able to kindle their trust. Allow us to stand on the front line and prepare you for your first encounter with the customer. Thanks to us, you’ll come out victorious from any 'confrontation.' Trust us and find out how much we can achieve for you.